Disabling Comments

My blog has recently been subjected to “comment spam” so I’m disabling comments again. It’s a shame because I love to hear your opinions/questions but I have over 300 spam comments just in the last week.


Let’s all become cavemen

I just came across a statement made by a prominent industry figure about how WS-* is becoming so complex that it is not practical to implement a WS-* architecture with no tool/stack support. Well, what’s wrong with relying on tools/stacks? Isn’t that how humans have made progress? That is, a specialized few focus on a…


Web services and large content in .NET 2.0

There are a couple of features in .NET 2.0 (Whidbey) that help solve the problems of dealing with large data. The two main issues with sending large data in Web service messages are: 1. working set (memory) due to buffering by the serialization engine and 2. bandwidth consumption due to 33% inflation after Base64 encoding….


I’m speaking at VS Connections

I got asked today to give a talk at VS Connections in Vegas. My talk will cover the new Web services and serialization features in .NET Framework 2.0. In addition to the features already released in Beta 1, there’s going to be a few new ones and one particularly important/useful feature.


My Bandit

A photo of my bike while riding out on the penninsula yesterday.


Weather service back online

I’ve also finally gotten around to putting up my Weather service (for the 3rd time). It’s live at http://www.learnxmlws.com/services/Weather.asmx and registered with UDDI in the VS-friendly way.


My book is back online

I admit it. I’ve been less than prompt in getting my book (Real World XML Web Services) back online after moving my Web site. It’s back up now at http://www.learnxmlws.com/book.


FAQ: VS Whidbey is not giving me <insert your favorite WS feature here>

Becky pointed out Simon’s comment on her blog. Unfortunately the new proxy generation features didn’t make it into VS for Beta 1. They’re currently only accessible through wsdl.exe. So if you use Beta 1’s wsdl.exe to generate a proxy class you’ll get properties not fields. You’ll also get some other nice features such as type…


Nullable and XxxSpecified

Just read this on Simon Fell’s site. We’ve added support for xs:nillable=”true” by mapping such elements to System.Nullable<T>. However if you give us this element declaration: <xs:element name=”foo” type=”xs:dateTime” minOccurs=”0” nillable=”true”/> We need to give you a way in code to know whether the element appeared and was set to nil, i.e. <foo xsi:nil=”true”/> or…