Coding to the tunes of Alchemy

I'm taking some time today to work on a stream-based Web service for posting blog entries while listening to Dire Straits' Alchemy. Too bad Visual Studio doesn't have a WSDL designer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    About the lack of WSDL design capabilities in Visual Studio .NET : Christian Weyer: Web Services & .

  2. I haven’t found a good WSDL editor yet. I just grunt out the WSDL’s with XmlSpy 4.4. 5.0 Enterprise Edition has a "WSDL Editor" but I have found it lacking, as with the free offering from CapeScience.

    It has turned out to just be easier to the write schema definitions in external .XSD files, validate them, then import the namespaces into a WSDL template. I check for validity by attempting to create stub or server abstract using xsd.exe and XmlSpy soap debugging features.

    Kind of clunky, but functional.


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