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Don threw a comment at Becky and I today about not being good bloggers (we've both been slacking recently). So I thought I'd blog this: It's come to my attention that some customers are experiencing weird interop problems between .NET 1.0 and WebSphere 5.0. I thought WebSphere uses Apache Axis and I know that .NET and Axis interoperate as verified by SOAPBuilders testing so I'm not sure where these interop issues are coming from. I've started looking for the right people at IBM to talk to about this. Perhaps Sam knows.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Web service toolkit interoperability : Chad Osgood’s Blog

  2. Ted Leung says:

    Hi Yasser,

    Unfortunately WebSphere 5 is still using Apache SOAP as the default.

  3. We did a Websphere 4.03+ApacheAxis 1.0 and "1.0 NET" interop demo up here and the only issues we came across where with the VS2002 wsdl.exe generating the .net proxy. We worked with SSeeley on this and then switched to VS2003 that had the issue corrected. Turned out when we used the MS util: Webservicesstudio 1.0 it also had an issue with Apache Axis and the util would terminate. Dunno if thats been fixed in the new WSS 2.0 that is avail at WSS is one of those little tools that I find indispensible!

  4. Ionic Shade says:

    AXIS in WebSphere 5.0? Not so. WAS 5.0 includes Apache SOAP (2.2?), and if you use the IBM tool (WebSphere Studio App Developer 5.0), you will generate Apache SOAP code, not AXIS code. But there is lots of confusion, because

    (a) IBM’s WSTK (unsupported alphaworks thing) uses WAS5.0 and AXIS.

    (b) lots of people do like Robert K, and integrate AXIS with WebSphere "manually".

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