Will other tech book publishers follow?

Apparently Wrox is shutting down. I wonder if other publishers will follow and how this will affect the quality of tech books.

Comments (2)

  1. Steven Livingstone says:

    There will certainly be a lot less choice and that is always a worry. Dunno how long i spend proof reading a a set of books before i buy one.

    Someone will likely buy and revamp them i think. Good brand, core set of authors and some good sellers.

  2. Honestly, Wrox books had generally dropped in quality over the last few years. There were a select group of great books, but it was too much of a crap-shoot to buy an unrecommended book from Wrox any more (unlike Addison-Wesley, whose quality is so thoroughly stellar that I'll buy their books on first gaze if they seem to fit the problem space I'm in).

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