Migrating from SharePoint 2010 to O365 in the Real World

  I’m working with a customer who has 7000+ sites hosted in an On-Premise SharePoint 2010 farm.  The farm has about 78 custom WSPs deployed throughout the farm. We had very little source code from each of the WSPs as this customer was a perfect example of how not to do SharePoint Application development.  We…


SharePoint Online Developer Guide



Programmatically updating the Search Settings for a Site Collection

So I had an interesting question come my way today.  We were looking for a way to programmatically update the values for the “Search Settings” which are found in the “Site Settings” of the site collection.  There is no API to do this and come to find out these values are stored as a part…


Sending Email From SharePoint

One of the pretty common things you might need to do in a SharePoint application is to send an email.  Since SharePoint has SMTP already configured this becomes pretty simple via the leveraging of the SharePoint Utilities API.  These utility methods are especially useful for things like sending emails or converting Dates in SharePoint.  Below…


SharePoint List Template Ids

  Below is a listing of the out of the box SharePoint List Template Ids.  Happy Coding! 1200 Administrator tasks list 104 Announcements list 303 Blog Categories list 302 Blog Comments list 301 Blog Posts list 105 Contacts list 120 Custom grid for a list 118 Custom Workflow Process 130 Data Connection library 110 Data…


Error occurred in deployment of step ‘Activate Features’: the field with ID defined in feature was found in the current site collection or in a sub site.

I ran into this issue a couple times now and figured I’d write down the “workaround”.  I say workaround as this is not a real fix as from my understanding a bug has been filed and the product group(s) are working on a resolution.  The KB article to the work around is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2022443 but…


Get SharePoint Web Part Page Gallery

Occasionally during development you create a web part that causes a catastrophic error on your page and you need to remove this web part.  Given the custom and often generic error messages from SharePoint it is sometimes hard to decided what to do and in many cases you just want the web part removed from…


SharePoint 2010 Sandbox Web Part Properties

I had the pleasure recently of creating a custom web part which had to live inside a sandbox solution for SharePoint 2010.  SharePoint 2010 Sandbox solutions are great in enterprise environments when the resources are shared and the farm is locked down.  However it calls for a major change in the way we create web…