Programmatically updating the Search Settings for a Site Collection

So I had an interesting question come my way today.  We were looking for a way to programmatically update the values for the “Search Settings” which are found in the “Site Settings” of the site collection.  There is no API to do this and come to find out these values are stored as a part…


SharePoint List Template Ids

  Below is a listing of the out of the box SharePoint List Template Ids.  Happy Coding! 1200 Administrator tasks list 104 Announcements list 303 Blog Categories list 302 Blog Comments list 301 Blog Posts list 105 Contacts list 120 Custom grid for a list 118 Custom Workflow Process 130 Data Connection library 110 Data…


Checking your SharePoint code for Memory Leaks

I have been writing custom code for SharePoint sites for several years now.  As one knows when writing code testing, testing, testing and a good code review can help to ensure solid code.  One of the major issue when writing any SharePoint code is the misuse of the SharePoint API in the failure to Dispose…

Adding a custom section the MOSS Site Settings Page

Recently I was working at a customer and had a need to create several custom administration pages to allow users to manage some data that resided in SQL Server.  Initially, we created the pages and added the links to the pages to the Actions menu but this menu quickly became long and it seemed more appropriate…

Office SharePoint 2007 SP2

Late yesterday Microsoft released SP2 for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007.  For more details and link to support articles that describe what is fixed with this update please visit: Some of the key fixes includes: Performance and Availability Improvements Service Pack 2 includes many fixes and enhancements designed to improve performance, availability, and stability…


MOSS 2007 SP2

Comming Soon!  Office Service Pack Team announced Service Pack 2 for 2007 Microsoft Office System.  This new service pack will be released between February and April 2009.  It will contain both client and server updates.  Here are some of the SharePoint related topics that we will be expanding upon in later posts. Improved Read-only Content…

Commerce Server "Mojave" November 2008 Release

For those of you looking for the next step in making SharePoint a top notch application development platform,  I bring to you Commerce Server “Mojave”!  The November 2008 CTP was just released before the Thanksgiving break and can be found at the link below.   This version of Commerce server brings the new multi-channel commerce foundation.  This new run-time API adds new out-of-box functionality, adds…


Team Foundation Server (TFS) and MOSS Development Guidance

The VSTS Ranger and the MOSS Ranger team has collaborated to bring some guidance around how to build Microsoft Office SharePoint Server applications in conjunction with TFS.  This guidance has been greatly needed and it is great to see the rangers get together and provide this type of leadership with the help of the SharePoint…


SharePoint 2007 & SQL 2008

WSS 3.0 and SharePoint 2007 now support running against the all new SQL 2008.  You will need SP1 for WSS and/or MOSS to run against 2008.  Please visit the SharePoint Team Blog for more details.  A TechNet article is expected to detail the full benefits of moving to SQL 2008.


Alternate Access Mappings Unvieled

Wanna know what SharePoint is doing when you change and/or use the Alternate Access Mapping Feature?  Please check out Troy Starr’s Post on alternate access mappings here.