Living the Dream as a Web Developer

I’ve been blogging again on  My latest entry Living the Dream as a Web Developer aims at helping those of you looking to get started in becoming a developer.  Here’s to your success!  You can find the article here:


Migrating from SharePoint 2010 to O365 in the Real World

  I’m working with a customer who has 7000+ sites hosted in an On-Premise SharePoint 2010 farm.  The farm has about 78 custom WSPs deployed throughout the farm. We had very little source code from each of the WSPs as this customer was a perfect example of how not to do SharePoint Application development.  We…


HTTPWebRequest 404 Error

A while back I developed an application which made requests to several web sites, scraped some data and stored the data into a database.   The application worked great for several months without issue.  One day the application failed to get a successful response from the sites I was screen scraping.  Obviously, the first thing I…


Code Snippets in Visual Studio

Recently I found myself writing a ton of VB code however I am working on a new gig and it requries me to switch over to C#.  The tedeous task of remembering to type “foreach” or not typing “dim” has caused me much frustration.  A little tip that will save time and effort and possibly…