Integrate Google AdSense with and AngularJS Web Site

  I’ve just added my latest post on my new blog  This one discusses how to make a AngularJS Directive to get Google AdSense working on your AngularJS site. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @livehands


Migrating from SharePoint 2010 to O365 in the Real World

  I’m working with a customer who has 7000+ sites hosted in an On-Premise SharePoint 2010 farm.  The farm has about 78 custom WSPs deployed throughout the farm. We had very little source code from each of the WSPs as this customer was a perfect example of how not to do SharePoint Application development.  We…


Instagram Subscribe Error “Invalid format for ’callback_url’”

  I was looking to integrate the Instagram Real Time API from my application, however when I sent my request to Instagram to register my subscription I kept getting a response with the error below. After investigating this issue it turns out that Instagram is expecting the data for this request to be sent as…


Creating an Instagram Subscription API with Azure Mobile Services

Windows Azure Mobile Services has been an exciting tool I’ve been using to develop my mobile applications.  One of the key things when building several kinds of mobile applications is integration with several of the big social networks.  Instagram becoming the way to share photos was one of those integration points I needed in my…