Hiding the Explorer View option in SharePoint 2010

  A client of mine recently had a request to prevent users from opening a document library in Explorer view.  After some time and research it turns out that the Explorer view leverages WebDav to do its thing.  This presented a problem,  WebDav is needed in SharePoint to perform many of the client side tasks…


Configuring SharePoint 2010 Self Service Site Creation

  Self Service Site Creation is a feature that has been part of SharePoint Technologies for a while now.  There are many organizations however that are afraid to enable this because they do not realize this service can be limited to only authorized site creators.  This feature of SharePoint 2010 allows an end user to…


Teaching Kids and (Non- developer Adults) how to create Windows Phone Apps (Simple Basic)

  I was forwarded the following information regarding teaching your kids and/or yourself programming and thought I’d pass it along.  Great timing if you are looking to give your kids something to do and don’t want to send them to camp.  This comes with about 21 step by step tutorials and at the end, it…


Issues with Installation of SharePoint 2010 SP1

I recently had a situation where we were installing SharePoint 2010 SP1 update in our SharePoint Farm.  The installation began fine and we were able to install on the first server with no issues.  When we began the update on the second and third servers in the farm when all seemed well.  However executing a…


SharePoint 2010 SP1

Today marks the release of SharePoint 2010 SP1. You can find the update here http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=26623.  For details on this release and the fixes it contains checkout http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=26573.   For the details relating to the latest updates for SharePoint and the related products such as Project Server 2010, Fast for SharePoint 2010, Office Web Applications, etc. …


Beware Google Ad Mob on Windows Phone 7

Recently I had to privilege of completing my first Windows Phone 7 application and was looking for  a great way to monetize my application which I planned to publish for free.  After all it is nice to be able to freely develop applications and have them published but this costs money (my AppHub Subscription fee). …


My first Windows Phone 7 app! Stock Arbiter

So Windows Phone hits the market and like any curious .Net developer the platform catches my eye.  Of course it is built on .Net and yet another technology I’ve been waiting to find a reason to learn, Silverlight.  So like any other curious developer I began to delve into the world of the mobile application. …


Highly available Central Administration

  One of the common mistakes that I see regularly when architecting SharePoint Farms 2007 or 2010 is the fact that there is only ever 1 server in the farm that has the Central Administration site configured.  In these situations you have just created a single point of failure (the very thing we try to…


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