TFS Integration Pack is on CodePlex

In my first post I mentioned that there was a TFS IP for Microsoft internal people.  Later it was released on CodePlex at  Please read the documentation at here and list of new features in 1.4.  Currently there are following activities in the latest 1.5 version:

  • Work Item Tracking
    • Get Work Item
    • Set Work Item
    • New Work Item
    • Query Work Items
    • Monitor Work Items Query
  • Version Control
    • List Version Control Items
    • Download File
    • Update Workspace
    • Check in
    • Check out
    • Get Changeset
    • Get Shelveset
  • Team Build
    • Get Build Definitions
    • Get Build Details
    • Request Build
    • Set Build Details
    • Monitor Build
    • Create Manual Build
  • Test Management
    • Add Test Case Result
    • Create Test Run
    • Get Test Configurations
    • Get Test Plan
    • Get Test Runs
    • Get Test Suites

I will write a few posts later to explain how to use the new activities.  Note that there is no activity for Visual Studio Lab Management (VSLM), and I do not plan to add it.  This is because VSLM client SDK or API is not publically available and will not be supported (suppose you get it via reflection) in 2010 release.  The recommended approach for automating this part is to use the lab workflow activities (Windows workflow), i.e. create a workflow in Visual Studio IDE in XAML and invoke it.  One can read Customizing Lab Management Workflow to get more details on this.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on TFS IP, any bug to fix, or any new feature you want to have.  I will evaluate and add appropriate ones as soon as I am free.  Thanks!

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  1. Kamil Anurdeen says:

    Hi Zhenhua,

    I went through your post and its nice and clear. I have a requirement to connect SCSM with TFS 2012. Have you customized your TFS 2010 IP to work with TFS 2012 Update2? can you please give some guidelines on this regard.

    Thanks in advance.

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