How To add a menu item

For this example I’m going to create a new menu item called "test" on the "small business 1" template 1. Open your web site in Expression Web and create a new folder in your web site called "test" (w/o the quotes) 2. Create a new html file in this folder called "test.htm" (w/o the quotes)…


Help Menu displays XML

Problem:  When you open the help menu in Expression Web it displays XML Resolution:  This is caused by the username containing special characters.  The username used in this example is "steve & kelly".  Any special character will cause this to occur.  To fix this create a new user without special characters.


Expression Web Help Menu

Some users are experiencing this problem with the help menu.  When you open the help menu in Expression Web you get prompted with the following message. "Do you want to open or save this file?" Name: BROWSE0.EXPRWD.xml Cause: Missing registry entry Solution:  Add this entry into your registry 1.  Browse to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.xml registry key…