New Fix for Licensing and Activation Issues with Expression Web 4

We have just released a fix for licensing and activation issues with Expression Web 4. Symptoms of licensing and/or activation issues include:

  • Expression Web 4 reverts to trial mode.
  • You receive a message that states that the product key is invalid.
  • The product key is not accepted during the Expression Web 4 installation process.
  • You receive a message that states that Expression Web 4 was already activated with the product key.

If you are seeing symptoms such as this, the fix we have released should resolve your issue. You can find details and a download link here:;en-US;2635101

To download the fix, click the "View and request hotfix downloads" hyperlink at the beginning of the article.

Please note that this fix is only for Expression Web 4. If you are encountering a licensing or activation issue with another Expression Studio product, you will need to open a support case with Microsoft to get that issue resolved.

If you download the patch and you receive an error that Web_en.msi could not be located, please download the "FullFile" version of the fix and install it on top of your existing installation. This will upgrade your existing installation of Expression Web 4 to SP2a which includes the fix.

Comments (7)

  1. xpclient says:

    This means the full file version includes SP2a?

  2. meee says:

    It worked for Expression Web and destroyed my Expression Blend instead!! Now I have the same issue with Blend which is 10 times more important for me. F*ck – why does it take MS years to fix this. Its always thouse annoying little bugs which make gread products completely useless!!

  3. daniele says:

    sorry – but this does not work for me – I go through the procedure but in the end it says: "Error during the patch application at file config.msiPT48AB.tmp.  the file has probably been updates on other way or cannot be changed by this patch. For further information contatct the provider of the patch.

    Now what ?

  4. Tony says:

    SP2a doesn't work for Expression Studio 4 Web Pro.  Tried repeatedly to install but get the message "program to be updated is either missing or the wrong version."  

  5. Djooleean says:

    Doesn't work for me !!

    Can't re-enter my licence number *** ! and now please ??

  6. Abeer says:

    my problem is when I try to setup the program it show me this message "your computer is scheduled to restart. restart your computer and run setup to continue installing this expression program" it continuously repeating this message even when I restart my pc many time

  7. Greg Brice says:

    Can someone actually answer these questions, or they just on here for fun???  Please someone help!!

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