Causes for Slow Performance and Hangs in Expression Web

One of the most common causes for slow performance in Expression Web is network latency while remotely authoring a site. For example, if you are editing your site live using an HTTP or FTP path, the performance of Expression Web while doing so is heavily reliant on the speed of the connection between you and your web server. Your Internet connection may be plenty fast, but if the connection to your hosting company is slow, editing in Expression Web will be slow. To resolve this kind of problem, you should edit your site using a local, disk-based copy and then publish changes to the server periodically.

Expression Web can also perform slowly if your graphic card’s drivers aren’t up to date. Expression Web uses a technology called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to display the user interface. WPF relies on hardware acceleration in your graphics card for optimized performance, and if the drivers you are using aren’t updated, you may encounter performance problems. Make sure that you update your drivers through Windows Update or from your graphics card manufacturer.

Finally, we’ve recently discovered a bug in Expression Web that can cause poor performance when you have CSS elements that use the clear property and there are no CSS floats on the page. To work around this issue, always make sure that there is at least one element using the CSS float property if you are using the clear property.

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  1. gjlg,kgl222 says:

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  2. yaniv says:


    we've found that sometimes Expression 4 hangs when openeing a remote file.

    ProcMon shows the program looking through every file in the Remote site.

    Not sure why this started for me all of a sudden. Is there some behavior related to _vti_inf files/directories?

  3. locally edited says:

    I edit my web site locally and then publish and I am seeing that the speed is something 16 to 18 GB/s, which is very slow while my internet connection's upload speed is over 5 Mbps.

    any idea?

  4. Frustrated users says:

    Since the expression web is no longer being under development, there is almost no hope to get support here.  Mine mysteriously lost license. Called the support, and they need to vpn into my machine (my business machine) to run things that they see fit to trouble shoot. They said, " there is no way to trouble shoot without getting access to my machine!…" That's  ridiculous.  I understand it will be easier for them as these support staff most likely  run things by template commands / scripts, not even knowing exactly what they are doing.  So, they persist that they won't trouble shoot with me without vpn in to my machine.  Guess what… I did it myself, and I fixed it after 15+ minutes on the phone arguing with them..  

    Now, with this big delay… without digging into system resource analysis, I highly suspect is because some com objects that have made changes which inherently forces the expression web to go through network EVEN when you are editing locally.  EVERYTIME I save a file EVEN LOCALLY, it would take about 10+ seconds.   Well, of course, want an answer?! Either they don't care as Expression Web is not longer under development, or they know what's wrong, but don't want us to know….  ….. Sigh!  This is what happens when one has very few competitors.. Well, guess what…. with this Window 8 debacle… I have started to download linux and play with it… as I seriously consider to switch…. ….  

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