Get Expression Web 4 (or Expression Studio 4) Free!

We recently announced that existing users of Expression Web 3 will get Expression Web 4 at no charge when it’s available. Existing users of Expression Studio 3 will receive version 4 at no charge. See for more information.

Availability of version 4 has not yet been announced, but this is great news for Expression Web 3 users!

Comments (4)

  1. I am hoping web4 can display automatically my advert pictures.  Web 2 has been unsatisfactory this way

  2. I have EW3 and installed EW4 all was well, I was using EW4, so I deleted EW3. At the splash dialogue for EW4, I click continue the response I get is this copy is activated and EW4 closes.

    I have reinstalled EW3 and EW4 which made no difference.

    Should there have being a warning to NOT uninstall EW3,

    How do I get EW4? To function again

    Mike wilkinson

  3. Memo says:


    The Microsoft page where EW 4 can be downloaded for the upgrade says "IF YOU BUY IT FROM A STORE" then you get a free upgrade.  

    In our case we bought it directly from a MS representative through our purchasing dept and they told us " Unfortunately you had to buy it from a store to get the free upgrade" Excuse me!! It is the same EW3 that you buy at a store.  My question here is, how many State offices in this country go and buy $800 dollars worth of software packages from a store?….Not many that I know of…

    Memo  :-[

  4. JimA says:

    I have the same problem as Mike W. I had purchased EW3, and then did the free upgraded to EW4. Everything worked fine so I thought I would clean house and uninstall EW3. Bad idea. How do I fix this, please? And why not have a warning about this? Sigh.  

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