Expression Web 2 install fails with Error 1923

Problem Expression Web 2 install fails with an error 1923. The setup installation log may contain the following line: Error: Installation of the "Microsoft Expression Web 2" product has reported the following error: 1923. To view the install log: Click "start" – "run" – type %temp% and hit enter.  The log filename will be similar…


Expression Web resources

Here is a list of web sites that offer some training / tutorials on Expression Web.


Converting Expression Web 2 trial to Licensed version

If you install the trial version of Expression Web 2 then purchase a license of it you can enter your product key in by following these steps. 1.  Within the control panel open the "add/remove programs" or "programs and features" if you are using Vista. 2.  Select "Microsoft Expression Web 2" in the list then…


How To add a menu item

For this example I’m going to create a new menu item called "test" on the "small business 1" template 1. Open your web site in Expression Web and create a new folder in your web site called "test" (w/o the quotes) 2. Create a new html file in this folder called "test.htm" (w/o the quotes)…


Migrating from FrontPage to expression web

If you were using MS FrontPage to create your site and you are now moving to MS Expression Web this publication will answer questions you have regarding FrontPage Server Extension Components. – Outlines the differences between FrontPage 2003 and Expression Web. – Introduces the Expression Web workspace. – Discusses Web standards. – Provides information on…


Installation Issues

I’ve noticed several cases where people are unable to install Expression Web.  Here are some steps you can take to attempt to fix the issue. 1.  Check the application log to see if there are any errors specific to Expression web.  The file is EXPRWD.EXE.  This can give you good search terms at least to…


Windows configures expression web

Expression Web can break the junk mail filter in outlook.  This will cause windows to configure Expression Web every time you receive an email.  This message will appear. "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Expression Web"   Solution: 1.  For Office 2007 run the Office Diagnostics tool located under the help menu 2.  For Office…


How to insert a video

Expression Web 1.0 lacks a wizard interface to allow easy insertion of video files. This feature was present in FrontPage but is not included in Expression Web because it didn’t comply with web standards. This particular solution uses Microsoft Windows Media Player via an activex control: 1. Copy and paste this code inside the body…


Help Menu displays XML

Problem:  When you open the help menu in Expression Web it displays XML Resolution:  This is caused by the username containing special characters.  The username used in this example is "steve & kelly".  Any special character will cause this to occur.  To fix this create a new user without special characters.


Publishing problems

This is a common problem among new users.  When trying to connect to your website within Expression Web sometimes errors will occur.  Here are a few steps to take. 1.  Contact your host and confirm you have the correct address, username, and password 2.  If using FPSE (FrontPage Server Extensions) make sure the address starts…