Using the Expression Web SEO Checker

Expression Web 4 provides a new reporting tool: the SEO Checker, which helps you optimize the pages in your site for discovery and indexing by search engines. Pages that follow good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guidelines rank higher in search-engine results, helping people find your site more easily. What does the SEO Checker do? The…


Rule over the true powers of Find

A guest post for the Expression Web Team Blog by Morten Rand-Hendriksen If you use Expression Web or most any text editing and reading software, you likely already use the Find feature to search for text. But if you’re one of the few who is not using the Find feature in Expression Web, you are…

Increase your search rankings with better web page titles

Are you still waiting for a flood of visitors to find your site? Wondering if you need to invest in some online ads or an SEO specialist? Before you do any heavy lifting, first try the simple task of reviewing the titles of your web pages for their search relevance. I just published the following post to introduce…

Saffron Stroke: Expression Web tips and tricks

Minal Agarwal is a web and graphics designer who maintains a helpful blog at which is full of tips and tricks for Expression Web users as well as CSS hacks and web page templates. Minal has also contributed several articles to for their Expression Web category. Check it out:


Lorem Ipsum Code Snippet on Expression Community Gallery website

I just made my first contribution to the newish Gallery section of the Expression Community website where anyone can add content and templates to share. Here’s a screenshot of the current categories: One of many cool things about the gallery is that you can select a friendly URL name for your contribution and it’s instantly…


Solve Expression Web installation problems

The team that provides technical support for Expression Web maintains a very helpful blog at, which I’ve just added to our blog roll. Their latest post provides solutions for solving problems with installing Expression Web 2:


Manage your FPSE Site permissions without using FrontPage 2003

When former FrontPage users first start using Expression Web, a common question is “How do I edit the permissions to my Website or subweb?”.   While FrontPage 2003 provides users the ability to manage permissions to their FPSE Website through an Administration Website linked to from the application, Expression Web doesn’t provide the same level of…


Meet Expression Web team members at MIX 2009

If you’ll be at MIX 2009 this week, be on the lookout for the following folks from the Expression Web team: Steven Guttman (Product Unit Manager): Tyler Simpson (Development Manager):   Erik Saltwell (Group Program Manager): and Steven Schermerhorn (Software Developer Engineer): Erik is doing a demo of Expression Web 3 as part of Wednesday’s…


If you’re Canadian and a web developer, get Expression Web 2 for FREE

This is Paul Laberge, Web Platform Advisor for Microsoft Canada. Microsoft Canada has a great offer for any Canadian web solution provider that isn’t already a Registered Microsoft Partner. For a limited time, we are offering a free copy of Expression Web 2, our premier web design tool for building compelling web sites. All you…