New content portal for FrontPage users transitioning to Expression Web

The Expression community website has a new portal devoted exclusively to helping FrontPage users transition to using Expression Web: The FrontPage to Expression Web portal currently features: A Getting Started area: A Community Resources area that presents a different resource each time you visit the page: Step-by-step solutions written exclusively for FrontPage users: And…

Elementary, my dear watson

Hi! I’m Luis Dieguez and I am a tester on the Expression Web team. One of my tasks on the team is to monitor Watson data for our product. Watson is probably one of Microsoft’s most useful customer feedback technologies but it definitely takes the first spot as one that our customers hate the most….


NEW Expression discussion forums

The Expression family of products has new and greatly improved discussion forums: The new forums have many new features including a tag cloud, user avatars, richer ux, and official forum moderators from each product team. The previous discussion forums ( will remain open and available while its threads are ported over to the new forums. But please use…

Submitting Feedback About Expression Web

We have a new Connect website setup for you to submit suggestions and bug reports about Expression Web or any other Expression product, including Expression Blend, Expression Design, Expression Media, and Expression Media Encoder: Up until now, the Expression Web team has used the Connect: Expression Web site to gather bug reports and suggestions…

Give your feedback on Expression Web

In order to help everyone get the answers and information they need as quickly as possible, we’ve removed the Email feature from this blog. Instead, please use the following two resources to communicate with the Expression Web team and with the entire community of web designers that are using Expression Web: Discussions in Expression Web….