Saffron Stroke: Expression Web tips and tricks

Minal Agarwal is a web and graphics designer who maintains a helpful blog at which is full of tips and tricks for Expression Web users as well as CSS hacks and web page templates. Minal has also contributed several articles to for their Expression Web category. Check it out:


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reference at your fingertips: FireScope add-on for Firefox

SitePoint has released the “first phase” of their JavaScript reference, and they’ve also completely redesigned their Reference Site for improved usability. To coincide with the redesign, they’ve released a handy Firefox add-on called FireScope to integrate their HTML and CSS reference (sadly not their new JavaScript reference) into Firebug and your Firefox browser: Here’s…

CSS Layouts without the headache

Hi, I’m Beck Weinhold, one of the newest testers on the Expression Web team and also a newcomer to the world of CSS layouts. While there have been a couple of excellent posts here recently about writing your own CSS layout from scratch, at my skill level I’m really only ready to get started with…

Understanding and Unleashing the Power of CSS Layouts

The latest version of the Expression newsletter was emailed to subscribers today and includes the following two articles: “Understanding and unleashing the power of CSS layouts”, written by our newest Expression Web MVP, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Creative Director of Pink & Yellow Media. Read it online here: The other article is “Introduction to ASP.NET Master…


Newer constructs are recommended

Have you ever been puzzled by the tip “Newer constructs are recommended” while working in the Code view of your page in Expression Web? If so, check out my blog post Better error messages “are recommended”, which is devoted to helping users decipher that tip! Anna


Training: Web development essentials

Joshua Eklnud recently published a series of training videos on how to use Expression Web, including videos on: CSS-based layout Rich data presentations Server technology All are available at


Composing a Webpage Layout Using Expression Design

 Hey everybody, I’m Greg Smith, a new tester on the Expression Web team. In August of 2008 I was lucky enough to marry the woman of my dreams with a small wedding ceremony in Las Vegas. I really enjoy web design and while I am not a professional web designer, I get to play one at my…


Spifftacular borders with CSS3

I’ve been reading a lot about CSS3 lately, where it’s going and all the cool stuff I can’t wait for browsers to implement. My personal favorite at the moment is the ability to easily use graphics for borders. Say I want to go crazy with my borders and create something like this: This is my spiffy…