Adding symbols and characters to your web page

Expression Web 4 includes a new Symbol dialog box that enables you to insert symbols and characters in either the Design view or Code view of your web page. You can browse all available characters or choose a subset of characters from the Type menu.  For quick access the Special Characters tab lists only the most…


Easily create an Add-in for Expression Web 4 with the Add-in Builder

With today’s launch of Expression Web 4, we’ve made extending Expression Web’s functionality easier than ever.  Developers can create Add-ins for Expression Web by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS standards they already know!  We have also simplified integrating your Add-ins into Expression Web’s Panel and menu system using XML.  In order to make it even…


Service Pack 2 for Expression Web 3

The team has released a second free service pack for Expression Web 3, which provides the following improvements: The SuperPreview feature now supports Firefox 3.6. If Firefox 3.6 is installed on your computer, it will be available in SuperPreview. When editing PHP files, you may have been asked to update  related hyperlinks on the page….


Increase your search rankings with better web page titles

Are you still waiting for a flood of visitors to find your site? Wondering if you need to invest in some online ads or an SEO specialist? Before you do any heavy lifting, first try the simple task of reviewing the titles of your web pages for their search relevance. I just published the following post to introduce…

Saffron Stroke: Expression Web tips and tricks

Minal Agarwal is a web and graphics designer who maintains a helpful blog at which is full of tips and tricks for Expression Web users as well as CSS hacks and web page templates. Minal has also contributed several articles to for their Expression Web category. Check it out:


Displaying pages that use NTLM authentication in SuperPreview

As Steven posted earlier, if you try to display a password-protected page in SuperPreview, the program instead displays the page that appears when a site visitor tries to access the page without supplying login credentials. I wanted to follow up Steve’s post to briefly clarify that SuperPreview does support NTLM authentication, which is commonly used…

Lorem Ipsum Code Snippet on Expression Community Gallery website

I just made my first contribution to the newish Gallery section of the Expression Community website where anyone can add content and templates to share. Here’s a screenshot of the current categories: One of many cool things about the gallery is that you can select a friendly URL name for your contribution and it’s instantly…


Solve Expression Web installation problems

The team that provides technical support for Expression Web maintains a very helpful blog at, which I’ve just added to our blog roll. Their latest post provides solutions for solving problems with installing Expression Web 2:


New content portal for FrontPage users transitioning to Expression Web

The Expression community website has a new portal devoted exclusively to helping FrontPage users transition to using Expression Web: The FrontPage to Expression Web portal currently features: A Getting Started area: A Community Resources area that presents a different resource each time you visit the page: Step-by-step solutions written exclusively for FrontPage users: And…