SuperPreview online service Beta adds Internet Explorer 9 Beta and Safari 5.

This week we bring two more browsers to our online service Beta.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Safari 5 for Mac

If you’ve already signed up for the online service you will receive notification of these new browsers the next time you launch SuperPreview.  You can then choose them from the browser selection screen and begin previewing your sites with the new browsers.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do it right inside SuperPreview.  Just click the Sign up button on the toolbar.

Access to the SuperPreview online service Beta is available to users who’ve purchased or upgraded to Expression Web 4.  If you still haven’t upgraded from Expression Web 3, version 4 is a free upgrade with many improvements.

Alex Moskwa
Program Manager
Expression SuperPreview Team

Comments (4)

  1. Jack says:

    This is terrific.  Appreciate your hard work on this.  Are you guys aware that installing IE9 beta causes SP4 to crash?  It this ioncompatibility being addressed?

  2. FishBone says:

    sorry,but i haven't got ie 9 beta yet. Safari 5 for Mac had

  3. Bill says:

    I've been trying to get Expression Web4 to log onto SuperPreview for about a week now – no luck.  When I hit Resend Email in the Activation process, I never receive it.  My junk folder is empty and so also is my ISP's SPAM folder(Comcast).  

    Everything else involved in loading EW3 and subsequent upgrade to EW4 has worked well.  

    This is puzzling.  Any ideas?  Thanks

  4. Alex Moskwa says:


    Yes, we are aware of the compatibility problem.  Since IE 9 Beta was not yet available when we released Web v4 with SuperPreview we could not test compatibility.

    To help address this issue we made IE 9 Beta available through the SuperPreview online service Beta.  Through the online service our users can see how IE 9 Beta renders their pages alongside all the previous versions of IE.

    However, to run the full gamut of testing with SuperPreview, you need to have IE 8 installed locally and get IE 9 Beta through the online service.


    Please e-mail superbug (at) so we have your contact info.  Then we can work with you to get your sign-up troubles resolved.

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