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The Expression Web team brought me on their team for the summer to develop the markup for some fresh, new, and best of all, free site templates. I’m pleased to announce our first site template, Green Business (designed by the team’s UX designer, Lena Yeoh), is ready for download:

Green Business website template homepage

The core layout of every page in the site is based on a 960 grid which provides a flexible structure I can use to quickly develop most any layout.

Page of thumbnails from the Green Business site template Detail page from the Green Business site template

I’ve developed the Green Business pages so you can easily remove elements from a page (images, text, etc.) and swap in your own content without breaking the page’s underlying layout. For example, in the following screenshots, I deleted all the filler text and content from the page. As you can see the structure of the page is still left intact, giving you the freedom to swap in and out whatever content you want.

On the other hand, if you want to use the existing photographs provided in the site template, you are free to use and publish them.

Customized page from the Green Business site template Customized page from the Green Business site template

The Green Business site includes a master.dwt (Dynamic Web Template) file which you can use to make new pages that have the same look and feel as the rest of the website, and to make changes to the header and footer of all pages that use the DWT. (If you are new to working with DWT files, read this tutorial: If you’d rather not use DWTs, choose Format > Dynamic Web Template > Detach from Dynamic Web Template while a page is open or selected in the file list.)

The site template also includes e-mail spam bot protection code for your e-mail address, and, naturally, standards compliant XHTML mark-up and CSS2.1.

The Green Business template is packaged for Expression Web 4 and includes simple and easy to follow instructions in a file named ReadMe. It also provides information on how to install the template on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

I hope you enjoy this template! Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Jimmy Lee, front-end web developer Jimmy Lee, front-end web developer
Microsoft Expression Web

Comments (8)

  1. Timothy says:

    Hi, I am testing the contact form by publishing site to my domain. However, when I click 'submit' button I get an error 'Page not found' and the URL changes to…/nortbots.htm.

    However, 'nortbots.htm' does not exist in the _derived directory on my domain and it is also not referenced in the html code of contacts.html. Any advice?


  2. Steve Guttman says:

    Hi Timothy-

    The template doesn't include any code for server-side processing of the forms data. When a form is submit, it typically calls a page written in a server-side language like PHP or ASP which stores the info in database or list on the server. The makeup of these pages is highly dependent on how you've chosen to store the info, and/or what database you're storing it in.

    You might try one of the scripting sites (e.g. hotscripts) to find an appropriate backend script.


  3. Rizwan Afgan says:


    Thanks for such an awesome template. However it does not display in internet explorer 9 beta. How to fix this problem.


  4. ValeneS says:


    Great template.  How could I add a fully functional blog option to the template? If not, where can I get a similar template with this option?

    Thanks greatly, Valene

  5. In terms of adding a blog to the template, there are (I believe) two ways you can go. I haven't checked in a long time, but Blogger used to have an option that allowed you to integrate a blog into an existing web site. You had to do some HTML coding to create the page environment for the posts.

    Alternatively, you can buy or find a wordpress template that meets your needs. I've had good luck at


  6. ValeneS says:

    Thanks for the information on blogs.  

  7. jule says:

    like it a lot

  8. CJ Lin says:

    Hi – Beautiful template. Would be interested to see if social media icons could be designed to complement it.  

    Kind regards

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