Service Pack 2 for Expression Web 3

The team has released a second free service pack for Expression Web 3, which provides the following improvements:

  • The SuperPreview feature now supports Firefox 3.6. If Firefox 3.6 is installed on your
    computer, it will be available in SuperPreview.
  • When editing PHP files, you may have been asked to update  related hyperlinks on the page. If you did so, some PHP tags may have been removed. PHP tags are no longer removed when you update related hyperlinks.
  • When you renamed a PDF file from the Folder List panel, the PDF file 
    became corrupted and could not be opened. PDF files now save normally.
  • Expression Web 3 would crash if the list-style-image property 
    was used in a CSS file. Using the list-style-image property in a CSS file no 
    longer causes Expression Web to crash.
  • SuperPreview sometimes crashed while launching because of a 
    problem that occurred when locating Firefox on your computer. SuperPreview 
    no longer crashes while locating Firefox.

You can install Service Pack 2 if you have Expression Web 3 or Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1 installed on your computer.

Comments (3)

  1. wlazara says:

    I have installed EW3 on our 2008r2 terminal server, it runs great.  However both sp1 and sp2 fafil to install with error 1612 saying the installation source is not available.  Could this be because I have the office 2010 beta installed?  I have read where office can sometimes interfere with ew installations.  Have you guys tested alongside office 2010?  With it releasing next month this would be a good question to have answered!



    wes (at) myf (dot) org

  2. johnnyq3 says:

    I am wondering what is the name of the HTML rendering engine that Expression Web uses.  Does it use a Standards based Trident Engine or some other thing?  I’d just like to know.

  3. Marcelo says:

    When will be available the fix for the problem with accents in spanish characters? Currently I cannot enter accented characters (á, é, í, ó, ú) in Expression Web 3. This problem was not addressed in SP2.


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