Rule over the true powers of Find

A guest post for the Expression Web Team Blog by Morten Rand-Hendriksen If you use Expression Web or most any text editing and reading software, you likely already use the Find feature to search for text. But if you’re one of the few who is not using the Find feature in Expression Web, you are…

Different types of hyperlinks

There are three types of links that can be used in a web page: relative, and site root relative, and absolute.  Which one is correct to use depends on the location of the page to which it links. Relative Links A relative link points to a location that is relative to the current page.  Having…


Service Pack 2 for Expression Web 3

The team has released a second free service pack for Expression Web 3, which provides the following improvements: The SuperPreview feature now supports Firefox 3.6. If Firefox 3.6 is installed on your computer, it will be available in SuperPreview. When editing PHP files, you may have been asked to update  related hyperlinks on the page….