SuperPreview and Firefox 3.6 release

SuperPreview users probably want to know if the newly released Firefox is compatible with our application.  Currently, SuperPreview does not support Firefox 3.6 due to changes in Firefox that require engineering work on our end.  However, we made specific updates in our Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1 in preparation for precisely this circumstance.  In Service Pack 1 we added the ability to do incremental updates to our browser support outside our normal release cycle.  These changes mean we can release browser support updates in a matter of weeks rather than months.


We've already done a lot of the necessary leg work with the Firefox 3.6 beta and RC builds.  We're waiting on some final 3.6 related items to be released from the Firefox team, then we'll enable support for Firefox 3.6 in SuperPreview.  Be on the lookout for another post to this blog when a downloadable update is available.


In the meantime, if you haven’t already updated, install Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1.


Alex Moskwa

Program Manager

Microsoft Expression Web


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  1. mwilson17 says:

    I dont actually like my firefox’s performance right now. it always crashed down and close eventually. (sigh)

  2. ZippyV says:

    Will we see support for more browsers too (Opera, Webkit) or do we have to wait for Expression 4 to arrive?

  3. EMPFireStorm says:

    FF 3.6 has been out for a month plus now, I know you said it would be easier with some of the implementations made with SP1, any kind of ETA? or even a ROUGH idea on its completion?


  4. Alex Moskwa says:

    Mozilla didn’t release the SDK we needed until end of February.  We currently have it working on internal developer builds and are in the process of building and verifying an installer with the 3.6 update and other bug fixes.  

    Rough ETA for it to hit Microsoft download center is three to six weeks.  You’ll see another blog post and an update to this post when it’s available.

    We apologize for the delay.

    Alex Moskwa

    Program Manager

    Microsoft Expression Web

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