Expression Web 3 Sneak Peek

Curious about what’s coming for Expression Web 3, and our latest progress on SuperPreview? S. Somasegar, Senior Vice President, Developer Division has posted a summary of several key new features in Expression Web 3 on his blog. Click here to read his post.

Lorem Ipsum Code Snippet on Expression Community Gallery website

I just made my first contribution to the newish Gallery section of the Expression Community website where anyone can add content and templates to share. Here’s a screenshot of the current categories: One of many cool things about the gallery is that you can select a friendly URL name for your contribution and it’s instantly…


Solve Expression Web installation problems

The team that provides technical support for Expression Web maintains a very helpful blog at, which I’ve just added to our blog roll. Their latest post provides solutions for solving problems with installing Expression Web 2:


New content portal for FrontPage users transitioning to Expression Web

The Expression community website has a new portal devoted exclusively to helping FrontPage users transition to using Expression Web: The FrontPage to Expression Web portal currently features: A Getting Started area: A Community Resources area that presents a different resource each time you visit the page: Step-by-step solutions written exclusively for FrontPage users: And…


Manage your FPSE Site permissions without using FrontPage 2003

When former FrontPage users first start using Expression Web, a common question is “How do I edit the permissions to my Website or subweb?”.   While FrontPage 2003 provides users the ability to manage permissions to their FPSE Website through an Administration Website linked to from the application, Expression Web doesn’t provide the same level of…


SuperPreview Usability Study

The Expression Web team is seeking individuals with web design experience for a usability study focusing on Expression Web SuperPreview. In particular, we are looking for individuals with experience designing web pages (writing and diagnosing markup, CSS)  for compatibility in multiple browsers. Participant Criteria: Participants do not need to have experience with Expression Web SuperPreview.We…

SuperPreview for Internet Explorer

Hi, My name is Justin Harrison and I worked with Alex Moskwa to get SuperPreview for Internet Explorer ready for this release. You can find me on Twitter as @JustinHar. Today we announced public availability of SuperPreview for Internet Explorer. Since this morning a number of frequently asked questions and issues have emerged and now…

SuperPreview Technology

Hi, I’m a Program Manager for SuperPreview and wanted to blog a bit about how the technology of SuperPreview works. My goal is to help our users better understand the capabilities of SuperPreview and some of its limitations. SuperPreview captures an image rendering and DOM after a web page loads. SuperPreview relies on the locally…