Phasing out Internet Explorer 6

This is Paul Laberge, Web Platform Advisor for Microsoft Canada.

I wanted to share this with you as it shows some great work by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, an Expression Web MVP out of Vancouver.  Morten is a web designer and feels the pain of supporting multiple browsers (and multiple versions of each browser) when building a web solution for his clients.  As a result of this, he’s decided to take an idea that was implemented in one of the news sites from his home country of Norway (for story see and implement it for his own sites.

He believes that IE6 is a browser that ought to be retired given IE7 is out and since IE8 will be available very soon.  As a result, he has written a piece of JS code that he is hosting on that will hopefully get people to upgrade to the newest version of IE.

Below is the post he has written for his blog describing this work:

And here is a link to the public forum for Expression Web where Morten and others are earnestly discussing Morten’s website and his efforts to phase out IE 6:

What do you think? Should web developers continue to ensure their designs work in Internet Explorer 6 or should they push their site visitors to upgrade their browser? Join the discussion! -->

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paul laberge | web platform advisor | Microsoft Canada

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  1. Anonymuos says:

    Hey XWeb team, please add Classic ASP intellisense support to Expression Web in a service pack or so. That’s the only thing keeping me away from XWeb for full-time editing. So many users are wishing for classic ASP support in the Expression forums.

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