Understanding and Unleashing the Power of CSS Layouts

The latest version of the Expression newsletter was emailed to subscribers today and includes the following two articles:

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  1. clubsidedev says:

    I’m not sure how often it is repeated as I haven’t slogged through all the comments here, but it bears repeating: it is an absolute disgrace that Expression Web doesn’t support Classic ASP but does support PHP, a technology Microsoft doesn’t support out-of-the-box in any of their server products. Classic ASP continues to be a component of all Windows Server products, continues to run thousands of web sites (where many of us rely on its speed compared to the bloat that is ASP.NET). That a Microsoft product that I pay for gladly (even though I get it with MSDN) would ignore an active technology while supporting PHP makes no sense except from a sales perspective (and selling to people who are favoring opensource tech over Microsoft’s pay-for tech).

    Adobe continues to support and even add features to its DreamWeaver product, how can Microsoft and The Expression Team in good conscious continue to ignore an active Microsoft technology? I like "Understanding and unleashing the power of CSS layouts", and do so with my Classic ASP sites. How about you guys understanding and unleashing support for Classic ASP within Expression Web?

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