SEO toolbar for Firefox

Free search engine optimization toolbar for your Firefox web browser.

“What would happen if you smooshed together many of the best parts of Rank Checker, SEO for Firefox, the best keyword research tools across the web, a feed reader (pre-populated with many SEO feeds), a ton of competitive research tools, the ability to compare up to 5 competing sites against each other, easy data export, and boatloads of other features into 1 handy Firefox extension? Well, you would have the SEO Toolbar.”

Download here:


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  1. gOODiDEA.NET says:

    Web Web Design Trends For 2009 Why learning CSS is important in a (web) development world – Fizzler:

  2. gOODiDEA says:


  3. lam seo says:

    Yup. I’m using SEO toolbar. It works well…

  4. Dharshan Venkadesan says:

    Good one.. thank you.


  5. Shubert says:

    have been using this tool bar ever since it came. very useful.

  6. Danimax says:

    Seobook is a very good website specailly for newbies. I learnt a lot from it when was starting seo for my websites. cheers

  7. Jacson says:

    The best free seo tool so far. its really good.

  8. Bobby Scott says:

    I have lost my back,files, favorites, tool, help all the things I good do at the top of the page.

  9. ITManx says:

    We have used the SEO toolbar to help drive traffic to our site.

  10. Mike says:

    Looks very promising! will download and see

  11. Monica Lopez says:

    The toolbar and the other SEO extensions and plugins actually don't work with Firefox 3.6x. Are there upgrades or fixing for that? Thank you.

  12. Sam says:

    I do not use firefox but yes i do seo related stuff. Will download firefox and then this toolbar, i hope if it is mentioned here on msdn blog, it would be really good. I use to track backlinks

  13. Paul says:

    Hello,I have question:

    I have SEO Toolbar, but since some days ago the Majestic SEO icon is off. Therefore the page doesn't open. My account is free. What I can do for have Majestic SEO again?

    Thanks a lot.


  14. John Essex says:

    Fantastic toolbar, easy to use for a newbie like me 🙂

  15. Yassine says:

    Good one.. thank you very much.


  16. Ismail says:

    good thx for this article 😉

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