Holiday Upgrade savings – add Expression Web 2 to your web authoring tool set

For a limited time, customers in the United States can shop the Microsoft Online Store for Microsoft Expression Web, Expression Blend, and Expression Studio and get 50% off. Expression Web Upgrade $49.95 Create modern, standards-based web sites and applications using CSS + XHTML, ASP.NET, PHP Expression Blend Upgrade $49.95 Create rich interactive and web applications…


The Quirkiness of Quirks Mode

Hi, I’m Michelle Rosenthal, a new tester on the Expression Web team. My recent work on Expression Web has brought to my attention the importance of document type declarations (referred to as DOCTYPEs) and understanding the effect of these declarations on how content is displayed in different web browsers. There are a handful of DOCTYPEs…


CSS Layouts – Oh, the Humanity… ! by Steve Guttman

Back in the earlier days of the web—like 5 years ago—the standard fashion for laying-out pages was to wrap your page in a table and to use “colspan” and “rowspan” properties to combine table cells into merged entities, and to embed additional tables into those merged cells (when necessary) to hold and position subsidiary pieces…


Software update for Expression Web 2: KB957827

Microsoft has released an update for Microsoft Expression Web 2.0. This update fixes a problem that prevents macros from running on a Windows Vista-based client computer. Note: If you’ve set Windows to automatically update, the update for Expression Web 2 appears in the Office 2007 list of updates as shown in the following screenshot.


Training: Web development essentials

Joshua Eklnud recently published a series of training videos on how to use Expression Web, including videos on: CSS-based layout Rich data presentations Server technology All are available at