Using a Tracing Image to Guide Web Page Layout

I used Expression Design to layout and create the elements for my wedding homepage (see my blog Composing a Wedding Page in Expression Design.) In this post I will describe how to use Expression Web to layout those elements on the page based on the composition image.

Using a Tracing Image is one way a web developer can be sure that the web page that they’re marking up will look like the page the designer intended.

Expression Web Trace Dialog

To read the full post go mosey on over to my blog: Little-Endian.

Greg's Noggin Greg Smith, Expression Web Software Tester (I'm a PC)

Comments (2)

  1. Alun Jones says:

    That’s all nice – but it’s a little expensive to buy Expression Studio just to get Expression Design and Expression Web – especially if I’m an MSDN subscriber, and have Expression Web in hand.

  2. You should have the entire Expression Studio as part of your MSDN subscription. On the products downloads page, under Designer Tools, click on Expression 2.

    I will also be using another member of the suite, Expression Media, to generate the actual galleries that I will use to display the images.


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