Website accessibility lawsuit settled by Target

You may recall that back in 2006 Target was sued because the Target website was not accessible to the blind. Target attempted to have the suit dismissed at one point, but just settled the lawsuit last week.

The settlement generated some good discussions here on the Expression Web team about what this means for web developers and their clients. The settlement inspired Steve Hebert (Expression Web developer) to blog about why he recently joined the Expression Web team. In his post, he touches upon the Accessibility and Compatibility tools in Expression Web:

Here are some additional perspectives on the Target settlement:

Site Point:

the Web Standards Project:

CNET News:

WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind)



Opera Developer Network:

What do you think about the settlement of this lawsuit? Should retail websites be required to make their websites accessible? What features would you like us to develop for Expression Web to help you make your websites more accessible? Would you like more Help content that addresses website accessibility? Comment on this blog and let us know! Better yet, if you have any great ideas for Expression Web, submit a suggestion for the program here: . Or discuss this topic with others at the Forum for Microsoft Expression Web:


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  1. Web Standards Project member Matt May had this to say about the recent Target lawsuit , which saw Target

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