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Veteran FrontPage MVPs Tina Clarke and Pat Geary have developed an online class and ebook “Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web” for FrontPage users that want to get started using Expression Web and update their websites to use today’s web standards. Their online class starts Saturday August 30th, 2008 on Cheryl Wise's website Start to Web.

Because this is the first launch of this training, the cost is only $39.50, which is 50% less than it normally would be. So if you’re a FrontPage user, sign up today before the class is full!  For more information about this particular course, visit http://starttoweb.com/classes/fp-ew.php 

Cheryl also offers several other courses at http://starttoweb.com/classes/index.php . If you register for any full-priced class that costs $60, use this coupon code to receive 10% off your registration: mv-fofa   (Thanks Cheryl!)

I’ve never been a FrontPage user myself but I’ve signed up for the course in order to learn more about the experience of migrating from FrontPage. See you in the virtual classroom on August 30th!


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  1. Tina says:

    Hi Anna

    Pat and I are actually the writer’s and publishers of the ebook for Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web and the writers for the class. We are using Cheryl’s classroom for the class aspect.

    Our website is http://frontpage-to-expression.com/ but it is not fully open as yet.

    This first session is rapidly filling up and with only a few short days to go, this will be the last chance to obtain the class and ebook at this price. The ebook will not be available for at the very least a week after class starts.

    We think our class and ebook meets the needs of FrontPage users in explaining how to use the software to generate a site that will meet current standards, how to transition from their FrontPage site and bots to clean code and better maintenance methods. Not to put too fine a point on it, from what we have seen so far, other writers encourage methods we do not agree with, like introducing the return of the navigation bot, using layers and positioning, reusing the css from themes, even using the wrong terms about the features of EW and worst of all encouraging the use of the formatting toolbar and unnecessary inline styles.  

    We are firm in the belief that one should learn The Right Way from the start and we feel that our class and ebook meets those needs.


  2. Expression Web Team says:

    Hi Tina!

    I’m signed up for the class and after what you just told me after "Not to put too fine a point on it…", I’m REALLY looking forward to this. I’ve also seen a lot of training that relies on the use of layers and gets users into bad habits like that.

    I’ll update the blog post to make sure it’s clear that you and Pat developed the training, which is what I intended to communicate in the first place.

    Thanks for providing this valuable class for FrontPage users. I noticed a lot of hits on this blog post from the blog roll at expression.microsoft.com so it’s obviously caught the attention of many.


  3. Dale says:

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    The sites I need to redesign, update and improve are http://www.evergreenherbal.com and http://www.drugtest-solutions.com

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