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Hello faithful readers!

What would you like to read more about on the Expression Web team blog?  Tutorials? Team profiles? Weather predictions? If you want more tutorial 'how to' content, what would you like to know more about? Let us know what you want to read more about by leaving a comment on this blog post or by sending us an email.

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 Anna Ullrich

Comments (9)

  1. anony.muos says:

    Would like to see must-have killer add-ins covered and kind of articles, tricks and lesser-known features. Kind of like how Office Online covers Office products or the IE blog covers new features of IE8. And more Sample Master Pages, templates and how-tos on working with AJAX controls.

  2. clazh says:

    More Tutorial Preferably Advanced level. How about a Series of Tutorial that teaches you how to design a website from scratch.

  3. leonard_p_nelson@hotmail.com says:

    A blog about how Expression Web makes teams work better together would be nice.

  4. ckas10 says:

    Small tips and tutorials for sure. For instance, how about some stuff about using Expression Web in a world full of dreamweaver users…

    Site navigation tips. Templates, master pages, all the stuff that folks wrestle with when first starting out with EW?

  5. matrixchic says:

    Short and Sweet items like a "Tip of the Week" such as how to style the background of a fieldset with a gradient filter in the CSS (rather than using an image) or styling ASP .NET controls.

    Oh, and now that EW2 has media support, how to set it in background to autoload a still image if flash/silverlight isn’t installed or is disabled by security policy.

  6. deepisland says:

    I think a nice mixture of things would be very useful.  

    1.  Community tips.  Ask for (or find) community members and/or EW2 experts who can offer their own tips geared at every level of user.  It’s always good to hear from others that aren’t directly involved in the development.

    2.  More frequent blog updates, even it’s just a few small tips or tricks.  

    3.  Tutorials and guides are always good.  More specifically, how about CSS related topics and tips on publishing and management.



    sscott [@] live.com

  7. richard.noake@live.co.uk says:

    I agree we need a good mixture of tutorial and shorter tips and tricks.

    But how about exemplar material – an end to end best practice example pulling together all the "how to’s" and providing somthing trully aspirational?


  8. EW1 and EW2 Templates please.

    In his book Jim Cheshire mentions a template Organisation 3 delivered by MS.  How can I get it?



  9. jacuta says:

    I’d like to know more about Expression Web’s integration (hopefully soon!) with TFS; specifically, a quick and dirty workaround to get my files into TFS painlessly would be wonderful.

    And on another note….

    Some info centered around how Technical Communicators/Writers are using Expression Web to successfully transverse between the writing/designing and coding worlds would be great. I seriously need a support group 🙂


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