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Hewlett Packard is providing a free online training for Expression Web 1 (not version 2 of Expression Web) by Virginia O'Connor. Even though the course is for version 1 of Expression Web, I didn't see anything in the content that can't be applied to version 2.

The training consists of four lessons from May 8 - June 13th, 2008 and their website indicates the training materials will be taken down when the course ends so be sure to sign uo and get the content before June 13th, 2008.

Here's the course description from the HP website:

Building websites with Expression Web

This class covers the basics for creating a website with Microsoft's Expression® Web with features such as toolbars, formatting, page layouts and link creation. With this easy website creation software, you'll apply cascading style sheets, then learn how to create complex queries, how to configure the software for different browsers and how to create interactive web pages with ASP.NET 2.0 capabilities.



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  1. Gratuito, en la versión 1 para ser específico, cortesía de Hewlett Packard… Más

  2. jrmcdaniel says:

    HP makes registration very difficult without that being their intention. If one ignores the junk on the "registration" paqe  (enter just your email address and select one of the boxes), you then get to a real registration page. Once registered, then you can search for "expression web" and finally register for the course.

    What I really am looking for is XSL formatting — is there a good tutorial or book on doing this in Expression Web (which is apparently significantly different than my past experience with XSL to not work the way I think it should)?

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