Still on the fence? pricing and upgrade details for Expression Web 2

For those of you that have been enjoying the trial version of Expression Web 1, but have been sitting on the fence about purchasing it ever since you saw the BETA of Expression Web 2 come out...well now you can safely commit to the purchase because version 2 will be provided to you for FREE if you buy Expression Web 1 sometime between February 24th and June 1st of 2008.


The Expression website now provides all of the pricing details for Expression Web 2, Expression Studio 2, and all Expression programs.

The details:

" If you purchase any Expression product between February 24th 2008 and June 1st 2008 you qualify for a free upgrade to version 2 of the same product (Web 2 for Web, Studio 2 for Studio, etc.). Details on how to get the upgrade will be published on the Expression website on May 1. Product registration and proof of purchase will be required. "

And just like before, you can get Expression Web for only $99 if you own any of the following:

  • Microsoft Office (any version)

  • Microsoft FrontPage (any version)

  • Adobe/Macromedia Creative Suite (any version)

  • Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver (any version)

  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash or Director (any version)

  • Adobe GoLive (any version)

And note that if you own the Academic version of a program, you will qualify for the upgrade price for the nonacademic version.

And here's another bonus tip that you will NOT find on the Expression website (at least not at the moment) can buy the upgrade version of Expression Media for only $99 if you own Expression Web. Why do you want to own Expression Media? For one thing, you can generate photo galleries for the web with the click of a button and create your own custom photo gallery templates with HTML and CSS. Expression Media also comes with Expression Encoder, which lets you create slide shows and deliver video for the web, and so much more. If all that is of interest to you, perhaps you should invest in the entire Expression Studio while you're at it!



Comments (6)

  1. That’s great news Anna.

    Let’s hope for an awesome Expression year throughout 2008.

  2. ericeberg says:

    What if we poor college students got Expression Studio 1 from the DreamSpark program (side note: awesome!) and want to upgrade to Expression Studio 2 when it it released?

  3. veeblefetzer says:


    You mean .. after faithfully using FrontPage since ’98 upgrading all the way along and buying Expression Web 1 back in July ’07 ONLY to be pained by the ever so clever Byte Order Mark engineered by engineers with NO real world experience which basically destroyed all my work until I had to put in a Content-Type meta tag in EVERY file that needed it just so that the HTML is technically broken because of it .. I have to BUY version 2 because I was a loyal user who purchased it early and has had to put up with it ever since.

    Thank you sooooooooooo much MS.

  4. I have Expression Web1, Office 2007 Professional, Frontpage.

    Where should I go to get the $99 upgrade?

    When I go to the usual upgrade I am not asked about them and I am charged £136 (roughly $270).

    Thank you,


  5. colint says:

    I too have been a loyal user of MS web design products: Frontpage through to FP2003, then upgraded to Expression Web at the later end of 2007. Now if I wish to upgrade to Expression Web 2, its going to cost me $134.

    I also use Photoshop CS + Macromedia Flash 8

    What does Microsft offer to ‘tempt me away from these and ‘upgrade’ to Expression Studio ?



  6. colint says:

    From your post in April: "you can buy the upgrade version of Expression Media for only $99 if you own Expression Web"

    Is that offer closed?



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