CSS Sculptor by Eric Meyer for Expression Web 1 and Expression Web 2 BETA

Banner for Eric Meyer's CSS Sculptor 

We're excited to announce that Eric Meyer (http://meyerweb.com/ and http://www.complexspiral.com/), internationally recognized authority on HTML, CSS, and web standards, and author of some of the essential books on CSS (as if you didn't already know all that!), has released a pre-release version of his CSS Sculptor for Expression Web.

The CSS Sculptor for Expression Web helps you create custom web standards compliant, CSS-based layouts. Finally, you can confidently and resolutely abandon your antiquated table-based layouts and start churning out CSS layouts like nobody's business!

To work with the CSS Sculptor, close Expression Web (version 1, or version 2 BETA), download the CSS Sculptor installer, and then run the CSS Sculptor installer. Once the installation is done, start Expression Web (either version 1 or version 2 BETA), and you will have two new menu items. On the Insert menu, you will have a new WebAssist submenu, like this (shown in Expression Web 2 BETA):

Insert menu with WebAssist submenu in Expression Web 2 BETA

And on the File menu, you will have a new command named New CSS Sculptor Page, like this:

New CSS Sculptor Page on File menu

Keep an eye on this blog for another post in which we walk you through using this cool new tool! After you try the tool out, give Eric your feedback directly by commenting on his own blog post about this tool:


And join in a discussion about the tool, or seek out help or advice, on the new Expression Web forum:

correction! The new forum for Expression Web is at: http://forums.expression.microsoft.com/en-US/web/threads/

And as always, let us know what you think!


Comments (3)

  1. mark.stewart@shaw.ca says:

    Ever time I go near anything Eric Meyer with my browser and mouse, both are so bothered by tracking cookies it is almost impossible to navigate! Every time I install the now "unsupported" CSS Sculptor, My Expression Web 2 gets left behind by Windows update. For example, at this time, two days after a freash install from CD with one available Microsoft update, Expression Web 2 cannot show in preview mutiple divs inside a container div. Only the first contained div shows content in Expression Web 2 preview.

    Pointless to bring this to the Expression "support" forums, because without CSS Sculptor installed, the Microsft affiliates there will say< problem not reproducable". So goes "web development" with Microsoft Expression. It’s been years since I was able to manage any online presence: oh, but I’m just an amature. <delete>

  2. Tina says:

    If you bought sculptor its merely not sold at the moment, it is however supported if you bought it. If you login to the website you can put in a ticket, your purchase should show up in your account when you login.

    If you have no joy let me know.

    Would have to see the page in question or the code.

    You might like to dl and try these out.


    They are based on Eric’s sculptor addin but tweaked see if you have any problem with one of those.

    hth Tina

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