Service Pack 1 for Expression Web 1.0

Microsoft Expression Web Service Pack 1 (SP1) delivers important customer-requested stability and performance improvements for Expression Web 1.0, while incorporating further enhancements to user security. You can download the SP1 for Expression Web and get more details about it on this page:

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  1. Ardentra says:

    So what got fixed in this update.  I tried to check the knowledgebase article on the deal and got fixes for Office 2007 SP1 not expression web.  Would be great to see if my issue is fixed before downloading.  Would also be great to get rid of the Unicode BOM character by default or allow us to set the encoding without using a meta tag.  Love the product and wish you guys can hurry up and make it better.



  2. Dreyfus says:

    I updated Expression Web. However I downloaded the latest file for PHP and am trying to install it for Expression Web. Is it only useable in Expression Web 2, or will updates to Expression Web allow me to access PHP as well in the near future?

    I look forward to using Expression Web with the updated features. I want to be able to use PHP in Expression Web and I don’t know how I can do that as I am still new to Expression Web. I know it comes with Expression Web 2. I just upgraded to version 1 from FrontPage about a month ago.


    Gerry T

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