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Expression Web is now for sale! You can view the latest pricing information and other product announcements at the beautiful new Expression website:



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  1. orcmid says:

    amazon.com says I can have my upgrade edition by December 16 and I bet it arrives more quickly than that.

    I have my fingers crossed on how well it will work with me, attached as I am to the SiteServer model with IIS, FrontPage extensions, and VSS.

  2. stevehweb says:

    LOVE the product…  but are not able to use it!

    All of the sales FAQ talks about seamlessly passing web sites between VS2005 and Expression Web for coding and design, but we cannot get Expression Web to recognise any custom server controls that are part of the project. (Sometimes loading the DLL’s to the GAC will work, but that breaks a host of other things in a development environment – not a viable solution)

    Is there any documentation that addresses how to actually move a real life project between both environments when the project uses custom ASP.Net Server Controls in addition to the basic inbuilt ASP.Net 2.0 controls (which virtually every serious real-life project does)?

    Without this piece, Expressions Web is virtually useless as a partner app to VS2005!

    Anxiously anticipating…


  3. EricB says:


    I just wants to know when it will be avalaible in French and the confditions to upgrade from Frontpage.

    Best Regards,

    E. Baudelet

  4. nojetlag says:

    Did I look at the wrong place or is it still not on MSDN Subscriber downloads available ?

  5. Brueggen says:

    I have been using the beta version for a p&w band website and really like it.  I had previously used a couple of shareware web site softwares and Serif’s WebPlus.  Now that the beta has expired, I am hoping to purchase the Expression software.  My only problem is the cost.  Will I qualify for a competitative upgrade with the WebPlus or for an educator’s discount?  (I teach in middle school.)


    Richard Williams

  6. Brueggen says:

    OK.  Sorry.  I answered my own question after I looked at the info on Best Buy.  According to that, I can upgrade because I have Office 2000 Premium that includes Frontpage.

    So now my question is, when I install the upgrade, will it install over my beta version and preserve the files I have been using for my website?


    Richard Williams

  7. Email says:

    Are there any plans to add support to non-Microsoft languages down the road; for example, integration between Windows clipboard and Expression Web make it a compelling choice (vs. Dreamweaver). But server-side languages (like PHP) do not get syntax highlighting, let alone intellisense. Actually, the same holds in large part true for ASP.NET; it would be nice to see the same code completion for server-side in Expression as we have in Visual Studio!

  8. Expression Web Team says:

    Expression Web 2 provides many new features to support PHP editing, including color coding (which you can also customize), PHP IntelliSense (and options for that), formatting marks in Design view, PHP includes render in Design view, and you can insert PHP code snippets from the Insert menu.

    This version will also support custom ASP.NET controls and include the new ASP.NET AJAX controls, and two new Data controls.

    Thanks for the suggestion about providing code completion for server side variables! Another good place to send us feedback is through our Connect website at http://connect.microsoft.com/expression . You can submit bug reports or suggestions once you sign up to participate in the Expression Connect feedback program.


  9. Expression Web Team says:

    A public preview of Expression Web 2 will be available in the near future from the Expression website. So keep your eye on this blog and also the Expression website for an announcement:


  10. Email says:

    This is excellent news! I didn’t realize you were already so far into EW 2; with this description, I cannot wait to get my hands on the first beta. It sounds great – I hope "near future" is really near!

    Thanks for the quick replies, Anna and xWebTeam

  11. Expression Web Team says:

    I’m glad to know you like what you hear about Expression Web 2! We’re really excited about this release and can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands.  By the way, I neglected to mention that you’ll also be able to preview PHP pages from Expression Web without any messy and complicated local server setup. Just click the Preview in Browser button, per usual, and the Expression Development Server automatically starts up and displays your PHP page. It’s essentially the same experience as you currently have when you preview ASPX pages from Expression Web.


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