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There has been quite a bit of discussion about our last blog post, so I wanted to take a few minutes to respond to some of the persistent themes found in people’s comments. Specifically, I wanted to address the following two concerns:

  1. That Includes should not have been removed along with the rest of the bot functionality.

  2. That Page Transitions should have been removed.

First, let’s talk about Includes. When we first planned to remove bots, we knew that customers would find some pieces of functionality missing that they would want put back into the product (though not necessarily in the same form). Our plan has been that some of these components (for example Includes and the Photo Gallery) would be seen again in future releases of the product, though after redesigns that gave them additional functionality and/or made them more designer-friendly (in other words, fixing the issues that caused us to remove the features in the first place.

We agree, though, that this may not be enough in the case of Includes, since:

  1. They are already standards-compliant

  2. They do not require FPSE to be used correctly

  3. They are extremely useful for keeping large sites maintainable.

For this reason, we will be providing an Add-In after RTM that re-enables the ability to insert new Includes in Expression Web. In the mean time you can use Cheryl Wise’s snippet-based workaround for adding Includes, which can be found at Finally, in a future release you should expect to see a version of Include-like functionality re-integrated directly into the product.

Now, let’s turn to Page Transitions. It was our original intent to remove page transitions, but for technical reasons we decided that removing this feature was too risky this late in the release cycle. Please note, though, that we very well may remove this feature from one of our next releases.

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  1. spiderwebwoman says:


    What can I say?  Thank you!


  2. Ian Haynes says:

    The other ‘bot’ that I’d like to see replaced with something offering similar functionality is the form validation. The aspx validators are there (and these have limitations)  but nothing for html. Some validation ‘behaviours’ perhaps?

  3. Windsun says:

    I thought EW had a site map generator built in, but if so I cannot find it. That would be nice, and should be easy with ASP.

  4. Tina says:

    For forms in the meantime .. you might find this of use, it’s free.


  5. WantToLearn says:

    I created a free macro that re-enables the ability to insert new Includes from the Insert menu in Expression Web. Inspired by the code-snippet workaround, this macro brings back one-click insertion of Includes. Enjoy!

    <a href=""></a&gt;

  6. WantToLearn says:

    I created a free macro that re-enables the ability to insert new Includes from the Insert menu in Expression Web. Inspired by the code-snippet workaround, this macro brings back one-click insertion of Includes. Enjoy!

  7. mikesmithfl says:

    Hopefully better late than never:

    This sounds like the squeaky wheel getting the grease.

    I’m not normally one to complain about useful features being depracated.  I just dump the software and go to a competitor.   If I have to pay twice just to get something to work that should have worked in the first place, I get upset.

    Instead of fixing something, sell me something else that doesn’t work???  I don’t think so…

    Yet still ever hopeful

  8. Tina says:

    That’s the point it actually doesn’t do the job it’s designed for… (most of them anyway) The coding does not validate or they don’t actually have any useful purpose like the nav bots, hit counters and hover buttons, shared borders are of limited use .. much better to use includes which are entirely useful and will work with or without fpse… hit counters don’t actually have an accurate count hover buttons are entirely unaccessible nav bots … well the amount of control over menus should be paramount instead one is stuck with limited usage and shared borders and nav bots frequently go awol… I think the substitution bot along with the fp includes should be kept .. in fact there are two free include addons available and a workaround for it. I missed out the search bot … limted usage when one can use php or asp free searches or get the one from which does very well and is easy to use.. what else.. oh yes the photogallery… mmm you can’t view it in all browsers and it’s not entirely accessible as for control well you can tweak it but then when u add a picture you lose all your tweaks… much better to use a free one like which you can control and tweak and is accessible and very easy to maintain and it validates! Lastly forms … well do you want your addy available to all the spam bots? Best to go for a php or asp solution that is free like James Huggins Email Form Script .. it’s a no brainer … and you don’t have to pay twice.. if you want the bots stay with FP if you want validating, accessible sites at the drop of a hat (with all the help ew gives you – you have to set it up properly first though – the start of a five part tutorial on how to set up ew) go with the successor to FrontPage. You know it may appear a lot of people are moaning about the bots going away.. but bot users are in the minority there are far more people using frontpage and new ew that looked under the hood and thought .. mmmm I wonder what happens if I do THAT…. I’m one of them and I’m just a housewife… it doesn’t take that much to learn just that little bit more.


  9. CliveS says:

    Does anyone know when Microsoft will add the Include Page feature to one of the menus like some add-on companies have done?


  10. CliveS says:

    It would be helpful to add a feature to Expression Web to allow you to insert flash .swf files similar to what FrontPage has.

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