Thanks for joining us at AIIM!

The XPS team would like to extend our thanks to everyone who came by at AIIM to see what was happening in Windows 7.  We heard a lot of interest in building document workflow solutions on top of the Microsoft .NET and Win32 XPS APIs.  There are pointers coming soon on how to get started with those APIs, so keep watching this space.

For those who were unable to attend AIIM this year, you can grab our XPS handout…

…or get a look inside the Microsoft Product & Partner Pavilion:

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Comments (3)

  1. Drazick says:

    Will you add the option to save XPS as TIFF files?

    Or at least keep the TIFF file printer that was part of Office 2003.


  2. jasonfar says:

    There is a way you can convert your XPS files to TIFF if you are so inclined!

    WindowsSystem32xpsrchvw.exe <infile>.xps /o:<outfile>.tiff

    You’ll either need to be on Windows 7 or have the XPS Essentials Pack installed for this to work.

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