Now fixed…

The problems posting the updated XPS Essentials Pack update are now fixed.

Thanks for your patience.

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  1. dj_palindrome says:

    Thank you! I was a little frustrated the other day when I had to reinstall my Orca-hacked msi.

    Today, I uninstalled, reinstalled, held my breath a little when it got to the part where it usually bombs on XP SP3, and success!

    PS – I know it can be frustrating to wait, but I don’t think comments like "why so long?" are very polite. If there’s a problem, find out how you can bring it directly to the attention of the developers[don’t bother with standard customer-support channels unless you are some kind of VIP]. If they know about it already, let them work. Their boss may just be ordering them to work on something else 😉

  2. rearwindow says:

    I’ve downloaded the XPSEP msi for XP 32bit dated 4-nov-2008 and it still fails to install on my XP SP3 system. The error code reported in the the event log is 1722.

    I had previously tried to install the original msi and that failed for the same reason.

  3. Jason says:

    rearwindow, I received the same error message.  After a reboot, the install then worked fine.  I posted a comment accidentally under the XPS & OPC Support in Windows 7 entry where a softie replied with troubleshooting help.

  4. rearwindow says:

    Thank you Jason. The following works for me too;

    a failed install then a reboot then a successful install.

  5. Joe_Tex says:

    I can’t install this on my machine.

    It says the update is not for my system.

    I’m portuguese and I download the XPS Essentials Pack from the portuguese download center…

    Help… Please…

  6. Christkind says:


    I still get the error that the essentials pack cannot be installed. Is this still the same issue as the other comments are reporting here?

  7. apare says:


    In my case, i delete the "xpsviewer" folder in %systemroot%system32 and all registry key of xpsviewer search result in the registry.

    Sometimes i must have to modify permissions on registry keys to full control, and i think it’s the problem because i have a warning report on "RemoveExistingProducts" in "InstallExecuteSequence" table when i try to validate the msi package.

    After that, installation work fine for me.

    Hope that help and let’s us know.


  8. J2K says:

    This program doesn’t work with XP Service Pack 3.

    Downloaded XPS EP, but it doesn’t generate documents.  Viewer opens fine, but it doesn’t print or save .xps documents correctly.  In internet explorer 7 I get a script error when I try to print:

    Line: 1854


    Error:  Unspecified error.

    Code:  0

    URL:  res://ieframe.dll/preview.dlg

    Is anybody doing anything to work on or fix this?  Thanks in advance.

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