Hello from WinHEC

Hello from WinHEC!  The XPS team is continuing the Windows 7 roll out of new XPS features at WinHEC 2008 this week.  Since our initial presentation of XPS printing (then called the “NextGen Print Path”) at WinHEC 2004, partner support of XPS in printing workflows has made incredible progress.  For a quick view of some…


XPS & OPC Support in Windows 7

Last week at PDC and this week at WinHEC we’re talking for the first time about investments we’re making in Windows 7 to better support XPS and OPC. New Win32 APIs for XPS New Win32 APIs for OPC New Win32 API to provide access to the XPS Print Path New XPS Rasterization service for driver…


Now fixed…

The problems posting the updated XPS Essentials Pack update are now fixed. Thanks for your patience.


Problems downloading the updated XPS Essentials Pack

There’s an issue with the downloads for the updated XPS Essentials Pack. Not everyone is getting the update across all languages, we’re looking into it… Thanks for your patience.


The XPS Essentials Pack has been updated to support Windows XP Service Pack 3

This update fixes a problem with the installer where it failed to recognize a newer version of Windows Imaging Component (WIC) that is included in Windows XP SP3. Also included is an update to the latest version of the XPS Print Path, as well as including a number of improvements to the print path, this…


XPS Essentials Pack on Windows XP SP3

The XPS Essentials Pack installer (available via www.microsoft.com/xps) does not currently support Service Pack 3 (SP3) of Windows XP.  To enable XPS support on Windows XP SP3, you can install the .Net Framework (link). An alternative workaround is to install the XPS Essentials Pack prior to upgrading to SP3.   We’ll provide an update when…