XPS Essentials Pack for 23 additional languages

Microsoft is proud to announce the release of XPS Essentials Pack v 1.0 for 23 languages. You can download the XPS Essentials Pack from: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=B8DCFFDD-E3A5-44CC-8021-7649FD37FFEE&displaylang=en. Please select the appropriate language from the options.

 XPSEP is available in

1.     Arabic- Saudi Arabia

2.     Czech- Czekh Republic

3.     Danish- Denmark

4.     German- Germany

5.     Greek- Greece

6.     Spanish- Spain

7.     Finnish- Finland

8.     French- France

9.     Hebrew- Israel

10.  Hungarian- Hungary

11.  Italian- Italy

12.  Japanese- Japan

13.  Korean- Korea

14.  Norwegian Bokmål

15.  Dutch- Netherlands

16.  Polish- Poland

17.  Portuguese- Brazil

18.  Portuguese- Portugal

19.  Russian- Russia

20.  Swedish- Sweden

21.  Turkish- Turkey

22.  Chinese (Simplfied)

23.  Chinese (Traditional)

XPS Essentials Pack gives you the experience of generating and viewing XPS Documents without the need to install .NET Framework 3.0. XPS Essentials Pack requires MSXML 6.0 to generate XPS documents. For the language version of XPS EP you are planning to install, corresponding OS language pack should be already installed in your system. E.g for installing Spanish version of XPS EP, the Spanish language pack for the OS should be installed.

Your continued feedback has been very instrumental in the making of XPS Essentials Pack v 1.0. We thank you for this support and encouragement. Please continue to provide us with feedback to helps us make this product better. As before, you can continue providing your feedback to XPSinfo@microsoft.com


Comments (14)

  1. Dwight Kelly says:

    I am unable to uninstall the previous release of XPS Essential from my Windows XPsp2 system. I get a fatal error from Add/Remove Programs control panel. Suggestions?

  2. CTA says:

    I have the same problem in Vista; I could not install latest version, installation fails with this error message: "The update does not apply to your system". I have an older version dated Apr 9 2007,Version 1.0.6000.16438. Any suggestion to uninstall older version?

  3. Sayaendou says:

    Czech Republic, you ignorants. And wtf is 14?

  4. Morpheus says:

    Hoping Indian languages too will be supported soon 🙂



  5. Daniel says:

    I can’t install this on my XP SP3 with .NET 3.5. It says a program (part of the setup) did not finish as expected and I should contact the package vendor. Anyone facing the same problem?

  6. Bryan Prendergast says:

    Yes, I am having a similar problem running the XPS Viewer on Windows XP SP2 with .NET 3.5.  

  7. Bryan Prendergast says:

    I solved my problem by creating my own viewer in VS 2008. I used the Document Viewer and the following code below. The trick is to add a reference to the .NET 3.0 .dll for the system.windows.xps namespace called ReachFramework.dll located at

    C:Program FilesReference AssembliesMicrosoftFrameworkv3.0

    Here is the code:

    string xpsFilename=@"C:<my xps document>.xps";

                        System.Windows.Xps.Packaging.XpsDocument _xpsPackage;

    _xpsPackage = new System.Windows.Xps.Packaging.XpsDocument(xpsFilename,

           FileAccess.Read, CompressionOption.NotCompressed);

    FixedDocumentSequence fixedDocumentSequence =


    documentViewer1.Document =

           fixedDocumentSequence as IDocumentPaginatorSource;

  8. Derek says:

    How can I install the XPS viewer on Windows Server 2008 32 and 64-bit? The installer for Vista says the update does not apply to the system. HELP!

  9. I get the same issue as Derek installing on Windows Server 2008 x64. Due to Windows Server 2008’s "enhanced security settings" in IE XPS documents don’t work there by default so the XPS essentials pack would be really handy here……I guess PDF still works.

  10. Ron says:

    I can’t install this on my XP SP3 with .NET 3.5. It says a program (part of the setup) did not finish as expected and I should contact the package vendor. Anyone facing the same problem?

    Yes, same problem here

  11. Pat says:

    Same problem here – XP SP3 with .net 3.5 – did not finish as expected.  Even on the third try, by which time you might have thought it would have expected not to finish 😉

  12. Rob says:

    This seems to be a very common problem:

    "Installation did not finish as expected and I should contact the package vendor"

    I’ve seen this problem over and over on several blogs, yet very few solutions. I have tied all the ones posted, but still get the same error.

    Does Microsoft (or anyone) have a fix for this that works?

    I have XP Pro with SP3. My last alternative (which I really don’t want to do is to uninstall SP3. Has anyone done this yet? was it successful?

  13. epicfailguy says:

    On XP SP3 this fails to install, claiming that "a program was interrupted". This is the third time XP SP3 has screwed me over in the past week, includig its infamously bad Firewire support. How did MS manage to make XP worse with a service pack?

  14. MSsucksoncemore says:

    Cannot install.

    error message way too vague to help debug, as usual with MS – looks like it is by design.

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