Sample Doc ICC Profile Error

It has come to our attention that one of our XPS sample documents, namedcolor.xps, contains a color profile (conntoso_highlights.icc) that is invalid according to the ICC (International Color Consortium) color profile specificaton. In particular, it incorrectly encodes the 'clrt' tag in little-endian byte ordering rather than the requisite big-endian ordering. We will correct this in a future version of the sample library. Thanks to those of you who pointed this out.

Comments (2)

  1. xmvrose says:

    Seems like the same problem exists with the profile in WPF_WMPhotoImage_CMYKText.xps sample.  The clrt tag is in little-endian.

    (I’m looking at the RC1 WDK)

    Any idea on when these profiles will be fixed?

  2. xps says:

    We’re trying to get these updated by the end of the month.

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