XPS v1.0 released!

The XPS v1.0 specification has been released and can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/xps/downloads.mspx.  The final release of Windows Vista is compatible with v1.0.   After a quick toast of champagne and hand shaking, the final printed spec was signed by the team and sent to Microsoft Archives for safekeeping.  The XPS team would like to thank the industry…


DigSig Whitepaper Available

There is a new whitepaper on digital signatures available on MSDN. Check it out.


OPC Conformance Numbers Mapping

There were a number of changes to the conformance rule numbers in the Open Packaging Conventions (working draft 1.4) as we posted earlier this month. Below is the mapping of conformance rule numbers (sorted by the new rule numbers) from 0.85 to working draft 1.4. Newly added conformance rules do not have an “Old #” whereas deprecated…


XPS v0.95 Available

Get your copy at the XPS download website. This is the XPS specification release candidate. At this moment, we anticipate only formatting changes and the addition of an index for 1.0. Check in with us at xpsinfo@microsoft.com if you have questions.


XPS 0.95 New Conformance Rule – Relationships Missing Target Parts

The following conformance rule was added to explicitly spell out the behavior when encountering a relationship in an XPS Document whose Target references a part that does not exist in the package. Producers that generate a relationship MUST include the target part in the XPS Document for any of the following relationship types: DiscardControl, DocumentStructure,…


XPS 0.95 Sideways Text Origin and Advance Width Clarification

The XPS spec was previously unclear about calculations of the origin and incomplete on the calculations of advance width for sideways text. Section has been updated as follows: Calculating Sideways Text Origin and Advance Width The formulas below describe the method used to calculate each glyph’s nominal origin, which is used for positioning…


XPS 0.95 Clarification on Landscape Printing

We’ve added the following note to 3.3.4 to help clarify how landscape printing is done and how that interacts with PrintTicket settings. Note: Fixed pages intended for landscape-orientation printing must be produced differently than those intended for portrait-orientation printing; their Width attribute holds the larger value, their Height attribute holds the smaller value. The PageOrientation setting…


XPS 0.95: New Conformance Rules – EXIF Support

By examining the prevalence of EXIF markers in JPEG images, and to a lesser extent, we are requiring support for the EXIF 2.2 JPEG markers and TIFF tags as part of the XPS Specification. The new conformance rules are as follows: Consumers MUST support JPEG images that contain the APP1 marker and interpret the EXIF color…


XPS 0.95 Signature Policy Correction

The SignatureDefinitions part was incorrectly listed as a part that the signer MAY sign. In XPS 0.95 it has been corrected to state that any SignatureDefinitions part MUST be signed if it is present.


XPS 0.95 Clarification – TrueType Collections

XPS v0.95 includes the clarification that if a fragment is not specified when referencing a Font part URI, the first font face is selected in the same way as if the URI had specified a fragment “#0”. We also clarified that the fragment MUST be an integer between 0 and n-1, where n is the…