PrintTicket Information

We’ve received a number of requests for more information on the contents of the PrintTicket, so we wanted to post a link to the current public documentation. Note that this document may change location in the future.


Document Structure Changes in v0.8

We’ve been working on a number of changes to Document Structure that are coming the XPS Specification v0.8 and we wanted to give this audience a sneak peak. As always, questions to are welcome. Based on feedback on v0.75, we’ve decided to simplify markup for the DocumentStructure part somewhat, as well as make a…


XPS Specification v0.8 Changes

Since the release of version 0.75 of the XPS Specification at PDC, we’ve continued the process of incorporating feedback, finalizing certain design details called out in the spec previously, and clarifying a number of areas that were not as clear as we intended. Our goal is to release a v0.8 update to the specification by the end…


Getting "Bits"

A number of people have asked where to get software to view XPS Documents. The XPS Viewer allows you to view XPS Documents, and will be included in the WinFX Runtime Components and Windows Vista. Details on how to install the latest WinFX Community Technology Preview (CTP) are available on the official XPS site. Installing…



Welcome to the blog for the team developing the XML Paper Specification and the Open Packaging Conventions! The official site for XPS and XPS-related topics is located at We on the XPS Team intend to use this forum to post on a number of topics, including: Interim development updates to the XPS and Open…