New XNA Game Studio 4.0 Developer Education Content Available!

Today over at the XNA Creators Club Online, there's a brand-new set of ten educational samples, articles, and training kits as part of the "Create Games for Windows Phone 7" series.

It's all available for free, and compatible with XNA Game Studio 4.0 and the Windows Phone Developer Tools. Some of them are cross-platform as well, so they are compatible with Windows and Xbox 360!

You'll find everything in the Educational Roadmap:

  • 3D Accelerometer Game Lab (Marble Maze)
  • Catapult Wars Extensions Training Kit
  • Platformer Starter Kit
  • 3D Graphics Sample
  • Microphone Echo Sample
  • Push Notifications Sample
  • Rim Lighting Sample
  • 3D Asset Types Article
  • Dynamic Audio Article
  • Intro to Game Loop Article

Go grab these samples today at the Education Roadmap on the XNA Creators Club Online!

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