Creators Club Communiqué 56

G’day, Creators!

It has been a big week already with the release of the Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) Beta – starring the XNA Game Studio 4.0 beta! We’re working hard to create the best tools for developing amazing apps and games for Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, and PC. Part of what helps us is the feedback you provide during this beta.

Many people are reporting difficulty when uninstalling the previous WPDT Community Technical Preview builds from their computer in order to be able to install the beta. Thankfully, resident space genius Aaron Stebner addresses these issues on his blog and provides ways to fix them! We hope you haven’t had any trouble, but if you have be sure to check out his post.

Another Team XNA space genius and former MVP, Nick Gravelyn shared a great article about Touch gestures on Windows Phone 7 that pairs beautifully with the Gesture Sample he wrote for XNA Creators Club Online.

Finally, today we discovered a problem in the Sales Data feeds on XNA Creators Club Online. Unfortunately, this means that along with the sales reporting being delayed to Creators that have published Xbox LIVE Indie Games – the Top Downloads and New Release channels on the Xbox 360 console as well as the Best Selling feeds on for XBLIGs are delayed. Currently, the ETA on the feeds being repaired is Saturday, July 17.

I know that this a very serious issue for Creators. Some amount of downtime comes along with just about any sort of technology, because let’s face it… stuff happens. However, the past three months I think it has become a serious issue. Our team is working hard to keep the system healthy and make improvements to make it more stable.

For my part, I’ll do all I can to keep you all informed as to the status of the repairs and when we hope to have the issue resolved. In the meanwhile, I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding through all of this.


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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