Creators Club Communiqué 55

Hello, Creators!

Well, as you can see, the blog redesign is still happening. We’ve been working on that along with a ton of other stuff! We’re getting ready to do some really great stuff on XNA Creators Club Online soon. In the next few weeks you’re going to start seeing the very beginning of it… I’ve already said too much!

In the meantime, you guys are still out there making great games! If you’ve made a great game or are nearly done with one you should consider showing it off! Just a short while back, submissions for the 2011 Independent Games Festival opened. They’ve expanded to include games made for mobile and all handheld devices in the same traditional IGF categories as well as a new Best Mobile Game award “honoring innovation, achievement and artistry in handheld gaming.”

In other news, Robin Debreuil has released an open source program that allows you to make 2D games with the XNA framework using “Flash for assets and layout, as well as as using Box2D visually.” Check it out and be sure to let Robin know what you think!

We also recently closed the second survey in our Indie Heartbeat Survey Series. We got an amazing response from all our Creators. If you took the time to complete them – thank you! We hope to have some of the information from them ready to share with you later this month.

That’s right! Oh my gosh, it is already July! We’ve got so much to do!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager

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