Creators Club Communiqué 53

Welcome, Creators!

We’re back with another salty collection of links and learning to brighten your day! This week on XNA Creators Club Online we got the download history, Top Downloads on Xbox LIVE and Best Selling list on fixed at last. We cannot thank all of our Creators enough for being so patient and understanding while our team worked around the clock to get this repaired.

We also announced the winners of Dream.Build.Play 2010! Congrats goes out to all the winners. Perhaps it is time to start working on your entry for Dream.Build.Play 2011?

Finally, this week we’ve launched the all-new Official Xbox LIVE Indie Games Fan Page! Be sure to visit and join us NOW! If you’re an Xbox LIVE Indie Game Creator and you’d like your game’s website and/or Twitter to be listed on this page just send an email to re: XBLIG Facebook Fan Page. We should have the list go live sometime next week. Your game *must* be already published to be listed. Thanks!


~kathleen sanders

XNA Community Manager


The Official Xbox LIVE Indie Games Fan Page

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  1. Darthuvius says:

    Are we going to be able to at least follow links through this page via the facebook xbox app to download trials based on user comments on the facebook page?

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